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BMN Arte: the art of casting

BMN ARTE, an artistic foundry born in 1966, run its business in the field of goldsmith art and then widened its horizon to the processing of non-noble metals treating them with the utmost care and meticulous skill.

Nowadays BMN Arte provides for top-level facilities processing various metals from bronze to brass, from cupper to alloys and to plaster, meeting therefore highest demands of sophisticated customers.

Art foundry BMN has found the perfect combination between tradition and innovation, innovative ideas are supported by the ancient lost wax casting method either by plaster or by ceramic covering. Last wax casting allows an accurate reproduction of each detail, together with the highest precision of the hand finishing.

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NOV-ARS, technique perfected by BMN Arte Artistic Foundry

NOV-ARS, technique perfected by BMN Arte, allows thick cupper covering on any kind of material such as wooden, marble, plaster and earthenware.

  • Precision
  • Flexibility
  • Advantages

NOV-ARS is based on the concept of the electroforming and its advantages allowing us to realize complex works by the highest precision and reliability.

The innovation introduced in BMN Arte by the research department reaffirms the possibility of applying electroforming on metal alloys and metalized wax.
NOV-ARS allows electroforming also on materials such as wooden or plastic stuff ensuring at the same time an excellent final outcome and a relevant durability.

NOV-ARS considerably reduces the realization time of a work, allows to treat materials such as wooden or plastic stuff simply exploiting the principle of the electroforming with a consequent sharp cost reduction opening new opportunities to both artists and professional people.


Design: an idea becoming reality

Customer can supply us with either a picture or a drawing of the work needed, or just describing his idea and BMN Arte provides for everything else. We can rely on expert sculptors designing and creating sculptures; with regard to certain kind of designs we use the innovative 3-D printing system.

Realization: : we convert material into art

All departments from design to casting are in one company. Casting department allows us to be independent and flexible during all processing stages.
Also alloy production is managed directly by us.


Tiles of the Basilica of St. Zeno

BMN Arte produces upon request all the tiles on the door of the Basilica of St. Zeno. Each one is available in various sizes.

Holy Door in Vatican

The 16 tiles represented on the shutters of the Door are like verses of a poetry praising God’s love for the humankind. BMN Arte has the worldwide exclusive by the Vatican. Each one is supplied with certificate of authenticity.