WAY OF THE CROSS IN JERUSALEM realized with lost wax casting technique


Way of the Cross stations in the way of Suffering in Jerusalem

Our artistic foundry had the big honour to produce the authentic stations of the Cross positioned along the way of Suffering in Jerusalem. This bronze artwork will be object of prayer by millions of believers from all over the world.

In collaboration with the Diocese of Verona and the Holy Land Custody our artistic foundry has realized 14 stations of the Cross, modelled by sculptor Alessandro Mutto onto bronze tiles of 50 x 60 cm, nine of them, precisely from I to IX, are hanging on the wall of the Way of the Suffering. The remaining 5 will be placed in the Chapel of the Holy Land Custody of the Franciscan fathers in the Holy Sepulcher.


Are you a sculptor wishing to realize a design? Do you need additional explanations both about our foundry and works? Get in touch us, we will be delighted to provide all necessary informaion.


 bronze melting bmn arte
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 bronze melting bmn arte
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