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Bronze casting for all requirements: BMN ARTE are one of the most experienced artistic foundries, able to realize any sculpture, great statues, design objects, furnishing accessories...
Strong point of BMN ARTE is the ability to offer to customer a turnkey product, from optimization to production until delivery and installation.

bronze artistic foundry

Design and bronze casting

Customers can supply us with either a picture or a drawing of the work needed or just describe his idea and BMN ARTE provide for everithing else. We can rely on expert conceiving and creating sculptures; with regard to certain kind of design we use the innovative 3-D printing system.

We help our customers to choose the best material in order to achieve the best possible result. We realize also bronze, copper, brass sculptures, monuments and any home decoration.

bronze artistic foundry realizing sculptures

Creations by lost wax casting

Our long and considerable experienxe allowed us to achieve high levels in the lost wax casting. All departments from design to casting are in BMN ARTE company. Foundry deparment allows us to be independent and flexible during all stages of processing.
Also alloy production is managed directly by us on the following base:

  • formal and aesthetic characteristics;
  • chromatic trends;
  • long-lasting quality;
  • destination of use
We have to take into consideration also the application field of the final artwork we wish to have.


Are you a sculptor wishing to realize a design? Do you need additional explanations both about our foundry and works? Get in touch us, we will be delighted to provide all necessary informaion.

Fonderia artistica fusioni bronzo

Packaging detail making the difference

"Turnkey services" makes the difference.
BN ARTE do more than just producing, provides for all necessary supports for delivery and/or packaging of the product. We take care of the final packaging of the sculpture in order to give a complete service fully enhancing the sculpture itself.

Each sculpture is provided with a production certificate with technical details, guarantee and with a small manual for a proper maintenance.

vendita sculture in bronzo

Assembly and bronze sculpture sale

Upon request we provide for artwork mounting on any kind of support, i.e. wooden, marble, perspex.
We can also take care of friese application on furniture and monument fitting in public squares. In such a way our customers are free from any task. We do direct sale of bronze sculptures at competitive prieces.


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