Lost wax casting technique

Lost wax casting bronze, Lost wax casting technique

What's lost wax casting?

Lost wax casting technique is an ancient process, dating back at least 5000 years, used to obtain bronze objects.
All process steps of lost wax casting reflect this ancient method even if, since the first lost wax casting technique and raw stuff keep on changing.

Advantages of lost wax method

Although many artistic foundries use lost wax casting technique because highly accurate in faithfully reproducing sculptures details, this not mean this technique does not require special skill and knowledge in this area. As a matter of fact lost wax casting is very sophisticated and it's a time-consuming process; this is the reason why many sculptors cooperate with BMN ARTE to realize thir works relying on qualified staff.

Artistic foundry lost wax casting

Calc: first step of lost wax casting

First step of lost wax casting is the calc, a sort of imprint of the original model which will be produced by casting process og either metal or alloy chosen.

BMN ARTE produce the calc using either silicone or plaster. Producing moulds for statues is very important for the work success. Our artistic foundry have an excellent experience in this field.

lost wax casting

WAX: the second step of lost wax casting

Second step consist in reproducing into wax the original model. using previously produced calc and after various procedeures wax work is obtained.
During this same step we move on to wax retouching. Accurate retouching and finishing are needed to get a wax model closest to the original one with the purpose of obtaining an impeccable result and by consequence a "unique" lost wax sculpture.

lost wax foundry

Wax retouching:: the third step of lost wax casting

Accurate retouching and finishing are needed to get a wax model closest to the original one with the purpose of obtaining an impeccable result. This is the step coming before lost wax casting.

bronze lost wax foundry

Casting: fourth step of lost wax casting

During this phase casting prameters are set up once alloy or metal are ready to start casting , using moulding box. This phase has to be under careful supervision of an experienced master.

Once casting is over, moulds have to rest where they way either sharp shrinkage or dangerous internal strain that could compromise good result of casting and long bronze durability.

bronze casting with lost wax technique

Chiseling: fifth step of lost wax casting

Using specific tools chiseler retouches work, removing possible chemical residues, highlighting details and refining contours to obtain a perfect work of art.

Bronze statues and all bronze artworks (as wella s those produced with all alloys/metals) are then coated.

artistic foundry lost wax casting sculptures

Coating: sixth step of lost wax casting

Out of casting bronze sculpture has eterogemeous look; as this stage a specialist spplies patina produced with chemicals, giving to work the required colour and showing the unique features of the work iteself.
As to bronze objects, for instance, they usually are coated by a patina in various colours from a green tone to a brown slightly reddish shade; customers almost never choose bronze classic yellow gold colour.

lost wax casting bmn arte

Packaging: senth step of lost wax casting

BMNA Arte provide turnkey service that is "your lost wax casting sculpture for you". We not only produce artworks and sculptures, we also provide their packaging and relevant adornments in order to show the value of our works making them suitable for the use you wish.


Are you a sculptor wishing to realize a design? Do you need additional explanations both about our foundry and works? Get in touch us, we will be delighted to provide all necessary informaion.


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