Lost wax, Lost wax microcasting, the Lost wax microcasting techinque for the sculptures

Lost wax microcasting, perfection in the smallest detail

Lost wax microcasting is the ideal technique for processing which requires a fair level of complexity and, by consequence, requiring a high detail level. Lost wax technique has very ancient roots and is specially used for the creation of lost wax sculptures, bronze statues, friezes and other bronze objects demanding a great attention to detail.

Lost wax microcasting, realization bronze sculptures

Microcasting stages

Stages are similar to the ones of lost wax casting , we anyhow syntetize here below the various procedures

They produce a clay model of the same dimensions of the sculpture we wish to obtain.
Starting from this model they produce a plaster calc and subsequently the original wax model. Using the previous produced calc and after a serie of accurate and careful retouching we get the original wax work. This last operation requires particularly skilled and experienced sculptors in order to get an impeccable bronze by lost wax casting.
At this stage wax model has to be put into a supporting structure serving as sprues allowing molten bronze to flow and gas to escape. Empty space of the plaster calc is filled with molten bronze whose thickness will be same as the one of the wax.
So we have first bronze sculpture by lost wax microcasting. Now we proceed with chiseling operation. Using precise tools chiseler retouches work, removes possible chemical residues, highlights details and refines contours to obtain a perfect work of art. Bronze sculpture is then coated to get the required shade.


Are you a sculptor wishing to realize a design? Do you need additional explanations both about our foundry and works? Get in touch us, we will be delighted to provide all necessary informaion.


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