PANELS OF ST. ZENO'S BASILICA realized with lost wax casting technique


The panels of St. Zeno's Basilica are one of the Verona's icons.
Our artistic foundry , thanks to the skill of its art and casting masters, reproduces each panel with absolute accuracy.
As a matter of fact lost wax microcasting allows to reach a high level of detail precision. These panels are produced in bronze.

The Basilica of St. Zeno

The Basilica of St. Zeno was built on a sacellum (votive chapel) of the 4th century b.C. destroyed by Longobards. It was rebuild by king PIPIN of the Franks in 807 and then rimodeled by benedictine monks of the adjacent Abbey.
Destroyed once again by an earthquake in 1117 and rebuilt between 1118 and 1138 the BASILICA OF ST.ZENO is one of the most famous Romanesque monuent in VERONA.
Amongst many and precious artworks decorating the Basilica, stands the majestic bronze portal out, one of a kind.
The wonderful bronze panels covering the portal are 48 (at the very beginning it seems there were just 28 of them and you can see the different artistic "hand" of two or more sculptors) and tell the stories of the New Testament on the left side of the portal and of the Old Testament on the right side of it.
These panels elegantly framed and enriched by other figures and allegories (Saints, Virtues, Crowned and Scepters) are known all over the world.
Since long time they are called "BIBLE OF THE POOR".

BMN ARTE tiles of San Zeno

The tiles: in details

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BMN ARTE Artistic Foundry - tiles of San Zeno at Verona


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