Holy door in Vatican realized with lost wax casting technique

Holy door in vatican reproduction online shop

Holy door in Vatican

Our artistic foundry has the exclusivity in reproducing the Holy Door in Vatican. Such reproduction is an object of great value, also symbolic, produced by the lost wax microcasting technique. This is the result of a careful research in the filed of bronze casting with the aim of reproducing a sculpture as faithful as possible to the reeality.

Bronze sculptures are professionally packaged togetrher with a warranty certificate.
Holy Door has a very precisse meaning: it's the symbol of the passage alla Christinas have to do thinking of Jesus saying: "I'm the door" (John 10,7).


Are you a sculptor wishing to realize a design? Do you need additional explanations both about our foundry and works? Get in touch us, we will be delighted to provide all necessary informaion.


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