Stations of the Cross installed in Jerusalem

Stations of the Cross installed in Jerusalem

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Stations of the Cross installed in Jerusalem


On October 6th,2019 a historic event took place leaving an indelible mark. 14 bronze sculptures, blessed in Vatican by Pope Francesco after a mass celebrated in the Basilica of St. Salvatore in Jerusalem, were placed at the stations of the universally known "Way of the Suffering", giving new dignity to the way travelled every year by million of people all over the world.

This project comes from an idea of the artistic foundry run by Roberto Brizzi who commissioned the 14 stations to the sculptor Alessandro Mutto.

Million of pilgrims in the Holy Land likely wondered, walking on the narrow streets of Jerusalem, why the stations of Jesus Christ's passion - the ones where Jesus historically stopped during his way to the cross - were so poorly reported, until some months earlier, by a numbered gray disk.

The IDEA came from the founder of the artistic foundry back in 2003, on occasion of the laying of the "Door of Peace", also produced buythe Scaliger foundry: it's a bronze portal depicting biblical scenes of Jesus's birth given by the Association of the Door of Peace to the Custody of Holy Land and installed at the entrance leading from Basilica of St. Caterina in Jerusalem to Basilica of Nativity.

Stations were produced by lost was technique .

After the experience in Jerusalem both inspirers and founders of "Door of Peace" Association - amongst them Roberto Brizzi, Augusto Nalini and Father Ibrahim Faltas - promised to realize an "important project" for Jerusalem.

This PROJECT, realized in collaboration between Diocese of Verona and Custody of Holy Land, came true with the production of the 14 stations of the Cross onto bronze sculptures of about 50 x 60 cm. Nine stations in particular, from I to lX, are hanging on the wall of the Way of Suffering and the remaining five will be placed in the Chapel of Custody of Holy Land of the Franciscan fathers, inside the Holy Sepulcher. These sculptures, produced in bronze by the noble lost wax casting technique, were donated to the Custody of Holy Land during a ceremony by Diocese of Verona through the Association "A way of the Cross" in Jerusalem.

I felt part of a virtual journey leading me to that erasaid Alessandro Mutto. With great passion I tried to reproduce as faithful as possible the sculptures representing the Way of the Cross: regarding their production I did a deep study and a lot of research and I feel satisfied with the work I did