Custom-made sculptures

Custom-made sculptures

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Custom-made sculptures

To our artistic foundry is a great delight to produce customized sculptures!
Being in a position to create customized products, we do understand custom's wishes, we get an idea of its possible use and by consequence we give it life.

We can start from the realization of a project, but we can also take care of an already started project, creating from bronze some forms by the ancient lost wax casting technique distinguishing us since long time.
There are no limits to the objects we can produce. From customized sculptures to real bronze monuments.
You ask and we create, here are some ideas:

  • Statues
  • Busts
  • Portraits
  • Family crests
  • Design objects
  • Religious works

You can choose an artwork in bronze but also in other metals, according to your preference i.e.
copper, brass, silver. lt depends on your preferences or on the effect you wish to obtain.
You cannot imagine how many people contacted us on Valentine's day to find their ways into their partner's heart: our artistic foundry overflowed with lovel All anniversaries, as a matter of fact, can be the right ones for a custom-made sculpture that lets feel unique the person who receiving.

How much does a custom-made sculpture cost?

Prices vary according to different factors, amongst them sizes, subject, kind of metal, project. Our staff is very kind (nice too) and will be delighted to answer all your questions and curiosities.