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About Us

BMN Arte: the art of casting

BMN ARTE an artistic foundry born in 1966, run its business in the field of goldsmith art and then widened their horizon to the processing of non-noble metals treating them with the utmost care and meticulous skill.

Nowadays BMN Arte provides for top-level facilities able to process various metals from bronze to brass, from cupper to alloys and meeting therefore highest demands of sophisticated customers.
Art foundry BMN has found the perfect combination between tradition and innovation, innovative ideas are supported by the ancient lost wax casting method either by plaster or by ceramic covering. Last wax casting allows an accurate reproduction of each detail, together with the highest precision of the hand finishing.

Over the years BMN Arte has realized thousands of bronze sculptures for private buyers, professional people and local boards. In addition to the bronze our company uses various alloys and metals to meet the need of more and more demanding people.
From our foundry sculptures and artworks in brass, copper and aluminum come out too.

In cooperation with the "Fabbrica di San Pietro" in the Vatican, BMN Arte has realized, in worldwide exclusive, the reproduction to scale of the Holy Door. On the occasion of the Jubilee BMN Arte took care of the casting of the "Albero dell’Umanità", bronze artwork placed inside the "Vatican Gardens".
Another big artwork of the BMN Arte is the "Fourth Door of Bethlehm", door leading inside the famous “Basilica of the Nativity” a milestone of our company history.

Casting technique giving new imprint to the art.
Creating is our passion as well as our mission.
We cast and work metals and alloys with the aim of creating unique artworks and we are sure, this way, to make a positive contribution bringing beauty and emotion in the art field.